It isn’t common for the average homeowner to have a large bathroom. Most of us have small bathrooms that have us scrambling for creative storage ideas and décor advice. While it takes a lot of planning, it is possible to create a beautiful, calm environment in your home’s tiny bathroom. There are a few great tips to follow when planning a remodeling project for a small bathroom.

Pay attention to the color scheme that you are using in your small bathroom. Colors such as bright white and neutral gray are shades that help open up any small space. Even if you do not have a window in your bathroom, these light colors feel more natural and less cramped. If your bathroom does have a window, however, hang the curtain rod higher than the frame of the window. It will appear larger and the ceiling taller.

Storage space is critical in a small bathroom. While there are great options for tall, skinny cabinets that make a small space seem taller, shelving is typically the better option. Not only is high shelving great for storing towels and personal hygiene items (tip: rolling up towels instead of folding them are a spa-type look), they also work to open up a small bathroom and help the room to seem bigger. Keep your personal hygiene products in a basket on a shelf: you’ll free up counterspace and everything will be right where you need it when you do.

Most small (or, dare we say, tiny) bathrooms have a shower instead of a bathtub. This helps save space while not surpassing functionality. If you have trouble fitting what you need to wash into your shower space, built-in shelves and shower caddies do the trick. Taking it one step further, built-in shelves built into the bathroom walls.

Do not just look up, look down. Utilize any space that you may have under the sink by storing items in wicker or wire baskets. This keeps things safe and organized while keeping them out of the way. These ‘invisible’ storage methods can free up a lot of room in the bathroom to make the room feel bigger and more open.

It does not have to be difficult to decorate a small bathroom. You’ll likely need a professional’s eye: contact a local designer for your bathroom remodeling project. Having a small space does not mean that you cannot design it well.